A PV preview for C-ute’s 13th single titled Dance de Bakoon! has been released. The CM for the single aired on today’s Bijo Gaku episode.

The outfits are alot different to the covers but the look better than what the cover costumes would have looked like in the PV.
To be honest, when I first heard this song, I never expected this. I thought more of a medium paced PV but this was excellent ^^

The release date is set for 8/25

p.s. I’m sorry for not posting in a while. As off today, I will try and post more often (except from the 8th-22nd as I’m on holiday. Sorry for now deciding to work on here more ^^)


Hi guys
I’m sorry if I haven’t posted any news or anything but I’ve had exams and I am having exams so its been hard but I set myself a dance account on youtube where I do sining and dancing and some little Vlogs and I want to share it with you guys.
Please support me.

My dance account is called LittlexMissyx

Here are some videos:

Please support me by subscribing, commenting, pming and rating ^^

C-ute’s 12th single, currently untitled, has been announced on Neowing. There will be 3 versions of the single: Regular, Limited A, and Limited B. The Single V has also been announced and it will be released 2 weeks after the single.

Most likely this will not be a one-sided single similar to SHOCK! since the sales of the last single did give UFA a clear message of what fans think of a one-person dominated single (not that positive of a message).

We will probably get the title and some covers soon, and even though it’s somewhat early to say this I’m slightly confident that this single might make up for SHOCK!.

The release date for the single is set for 4/28 and the release date for the Single V is set for 5/12.

Neowing Page For C-ute’s 12th Single Regular Version
Neowing Page For C-ute’s 12th Single Limited A Version
Neowing Page For C-ute’s 12th Single Limited B Version
Neowing Page For C-ute’s Single V for Their 12th Single

HANGRY&ANGRY’s 1st European concert tour has been announced.

I’m glad to see that after many appearances in Europe HANGRY&ANGRY have decided to do a European tour since they will be the first H!P-related group to do so.

Not much info about the tour has been released, only the dates, and it is somewhat reasonable since the news is recent. If these are successful, then I hope that they will do more European tours and start USA tours and hopefully more H!P goups will come too.

The following dates have been announced:

05/23/2010 – Columbiaclub, Berlin [DE]
05/24/2010 – Tavastia, Helsinki [FI]
05/27/2010 – The Underworld, London [UK]
05/29/2010 – La Maroquinerie, Paris [FR]

Tickets will be available on these sites:

Germany: http://www.neotokyo.de/product_info.php/products_id/10050525
Finland: http://www.tiketti.fi
UK: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk
France: http://www.ticketnet.fr

Twisted Talent Site With Information About HANGRY&ANGRY’s European Tour

01. Honto no Jibun
02. Renai♥Rider
03. Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!
04. Gachinkou de Ikou!
05. Rottara Rottara
06. co・no・mi・chi
07. MY BOY
08. Take It Easy!
09. Bravo☆Bravo
10. Our Songs

<Bonus Features>
●Our Songs
Dance Shot Version(BB)
Dance Shot Version(CUBE)
Close Up Version(AIR)
Close Up Version(CUBE)
●Special Comment
Let’s Talk About 10 CLIPS!

The cover and tracklist for Buono’s PV collection DVD titled CLIPS VOL 1 have been released.

The cover includes scenes from all of their PVs in a movie format with a giant title in the middle, and for the most part it looks great and simple which is somewhat of a relief since just looking at it reminds us of Buono! PVs that we haven’t seen in a while.

For the most part the DVD is made up of all of their PVs to date, from Honto no Jibun to their latest single Our Songs, which for the most part is somewhat surprising since it has many PVs included. The most surprising part wpuld have to be the amount of shots from Our Songs they are including along with the DVD amounting to 4 ver of the same song.

The bonus versions are mostly the dance shot with the view of the bay they were at, the dance ver in the studio with the colored cube background, the Close-up shot of them in the crane, and the close-up ver of the studio shot with the colored cubes. Apart from those shots there is also a special comment by Buono! about the PV collection which should be interesting since it covers all of their PVs in their history.

I’m hoping to beg my parents into letting me buy this so I can start off my H!P DVD collection and I would reccomend it since it looks like it is going to be a good one espically with the surprise dance shot and close ups that haven’t been released yet.

The release date is set for 3/10.

Official Buono! Discography Page

Kago Ai’s 1st album after graduating from Hello! Project, currently untitled, has been announced. The album will be released on Avex and it will feature Jazz tracks.

The album was previously announced since January but the date seems to have been moved a week after, which is normal for most singles/albums since not much information has been released.

I’m not one of her biggest fans but I’m glad that she is getting her own album after leaving Hello!Project and dong it solo is a good thing too.

The release date is set for 3/31.

Neowing Page For Kago Ai’s Album

Sorry for not updating. I’ve just had so much homework but I will try to update it for this week.

Made a puzzle and I want you to try, just click on the Junjun picture below to go to the puzzle.

Also, I’ve made a Junjun group on facebook. Please join ^^

Since I wasn’t on yesterday (14th February 2010) I want to say these messages now.

Happy Valentine’s day
If you have someone, I will say congratulations. If not, This is what I say, “Join the team.” I didn’t have a valentine but I went to a theme park with my family instead which was funner than having a valentine. But lets all try for next year!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Im not chinese or Asian (T.T) but I think its a cool new year. There is lots to do but I wish I could do it too.

Haha, Reina seems to be the main girl today as she is the only one I could find that fitted both messages *okay, but I couldn’t find anyothers*

Michishige Sayumi has started up her own Gree blog were she posts lots of pictures and what she has been up too. Her blog only started last week and she has so many posts. When she has something new, she posts about it and they are only hours apart!
Maybe I should follow her lead and keep my blog updated more oftern =^_^=

Official Michishige Sayumi Gree Blog

If you can’t read Japanese or find that your translater if rubbish *I think mine is* then you can look at the translater versions HERE!

Shigatsu Sengen

Kimi no Senpou (Saki, Maimai, and Chisato.)

Lonely girl’s night (Maimi)

The Party!

Yume ga Aru Kara

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