A preview of the “Making Of” of Nakajima Saki’s 1st PB titled NACKY has been released on Dohhh-UP. We get a chance to see Nakajima wearing many costumes including: cheerleader, schoolgirl, casual, bikini (obvious), and many more.

Like most PB’s bikini pictures at the beach are included, and I’m glad to see that Saki looked great in all of the shots from that scene, especially at 1:33. She even gets to take some pictures wearing a pink bathing suit (2:39) and I have to admit that she looked incredibly cute.

Something that is becoming more common in H!P PB’s is having the girls take pictures with some other people (usually tourists or people from that region), and even dogs (similar to Chinami’s PB…lucky dogs) and I’m glad to see that they will probably include those pictures.

Until now I didn’t know that Nakajima could do splits (at 1:18) and I’m glad to see that didn’t do splits in a bikini (like Ai-chan) since it wouldn’t have fit her personality that much.

For the most part the preview is perfect since it gives us a chance to see Nakajima in many costumes and in many locations, and I’m also glad to see that they showed her having fun while doing the PB.

I’m really looking forward to this PB so hopefully we get some previews soon of the actual PB.

The release date for the PB is 12/9.