Up-Front and BS-TBS have agreed to hold auditions in five cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo) to find a co-star for a stage play this June with Morning Musume. The audition is being targeted to female senior high school students and female junior high school students (10-18 years old).

It’s great to finally see them get to do another play since it will most likely mean that we will get to see each member’s acting skills again after their play last year.

Even though the audition is not for a 9th generation it is still a great opportunity for an aspiring actress to work alongside Momusu so if anyone has a chance I highly suggest entering to have a chance to act alongside Momusu.

As for the auditioner, Kamei says that she would like someone who makes her laugh, while Lin Lin wants someone who likes Anime like her, also Jun Jun and Lin Lin say they want to see some overseas auditioners (source: ampedechoz and iceymoon at JPM).

The audition is in March and the winner will be announced in April, while the stage play will be in Tokyo Ginza Theater in June.

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Note: The agency dealing with the audition is JC & JK and not UFA, which means that the winner will most likely not join Momusu. In my opinion, if it was an audition for the 9th generation they would have most likely stated it as so and would have specified singers and not actors, although we will have to see what happens.