Mano Erina’s drama titled Hanbun Esper premiered on 1/15. The OP is titled Hello! Esper! Hello! and the ED is titled Itsumo Itsu Demo, both sung by Mano.

Hanbun Esper OP Hello! Esper! Hello!

Video uploaded by: manoRoom

For the most part the intro is one of the cutest things I have seen Mano do, and even though the entire intro is done in front of a green screen and it doesn’t include anyone else it still came out incredibly well.

The intro starts with Mano saying “Iku yo!” as a catchy upbeat song starts and after that we get to see Mano walking around and just interacting with the colorful graphics (0:16 reminds me a lot of Buono’s for some reason).

There isn’t any set theme for the OP since they seem to have added a lot of different stuff, such as: Mano walking down a road ( style, which means in small steps), Mano in front of a wall of hearts, jumping cutely on bubbles, staring at the night sky (as well as flying over it), and jumping on a star at the end.

The song is incredibly catchy and it is a welcome change to her recent ballad singles since we get a chance to hear Mano singing happily (I think I hear Tsunku singing as well, although it might be someone else). Most likely we will get a chance to listen to the song in full sometime in the future if they decide to release a soundtrack to the drama (most likely).

The intro has S/mileage and Takahashi Ai in the credits since they are the only H!P member’s apart from Mano in the intro, so most likely next episode we will get a chance to see another member credited.

Hanbun Esper ED Itsumo Itsu Demo

Video uploaded by: manoRoom

The song Itsumo Itsu Demo has already been released in her album FRIENDS and as we all know it is a ballad, so not surprisingly it was a perfect ED theme for the drama.

For the most part the ED was somewhat boring since it only features Mano sitting, while moving side to side to the rhythm of the music on a rooftop while she watches a sunset, although it is cute to see her at the end smile up at the camera.

Despite that the ED was great since we got a chance to listen to one of Mano’s songs while watching her sit and stare at the green screen sunset.

Overall both the ED and OP came out pretty well and it is obvious that the main focus of the drama is Mano, so I’m glad to see that she is finally getting a TV drama where she stars since she obviously knows how to act well.

I haven’t had a chance to see the drama but so far I think it will do well, so hopefully that is true since this is one of the few regular TV shows that H!P has.

Hanbun Esper airs every Friday at 23:00 (JST).

(Information found at: Hello!SayuNii)