~Name: Momoko Tsugunaga
~Age: 17
~Birthday: March 6th (Birth year: 1992)
~Groups: ZYX, Hello!Project Kids, H.P. All stars, Berryz Koubou and Bouno!
~Nickname: Momo, Momo-chan, Tsugu-chan, Momochi, Pi-chicchi
~Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
~Blood Type: O
~Height: 149.8cm (4′11″)
~Hobby: Reading manga! I love manga
~Special skill: I can sleep anywhere!?
~Habit: When I’m nervous, my voice gets higher?
~Strong point: I guess doing my best till the end even if I’m not good at it??
~Weak point: Always taking up lots of time no matter what I do!
~Favorite color: Pink, yellow
~Favorite flower: Tulip (red ones)
~Favorite season: Fall!! Because there’s lots of delicious things to eat
~Favorite word: “Itsumo happy” (always happy)
~Favorite song: “Uwaki na Honey Pie” (Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto)
~Favorite book: Manga
~Favorite movie: “Hamutarou”!!
~Favorite food: Sea urchin, kanpachi, crab
~Least favorite food: Green peas
~Scared of: Rollercoasters, haunted houses…
~Disliked thing to do: Dance…
~Charm point: Eyelashes. They’re a bit longer than most people’s!