~Name: Okai Chisato
~Age: 15
~Birthday: June 21 (Birth Year:1994)
~Groups:Hello! Project Kids ,°C-ute, Athena & Robikerottsu and H.P.All Stars
~Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
~Nickname: Chisa
~Blood type: A
~Height: 149 cm
~Hobbies: Lately I’m into collecting purikura. I also love watching movies!
~Special Skill: Getting along with anyone
~Strong Point: Making everyone laugh
~Weak Point: Fooling around too much
~Habit: Walking like a crab
~Favorite Color: I’m always drawn to light blue and blue. I like brown lately too.
~Favorite Flower: Cosmos and sunflower
~Disliked Thing/Thing to do: I can’t go to the bathroom alone… ever since I saw “Hanako-san of the Toilet” on TV. Ahahaha.
~Scared of: Ghosts! Scary! I’m so scared of them! But I want to hear stories about them.
~Favorite Movie: I love movies, so I see a lot. Out of all of them, “The Terminator” makes me nervous and it’s fun watching it! I was also moved by “Backdraft.” I cried a lot after seeing “Nankyoku Monogatari.”
~Favorite Book: I read Shonen Magazine every week.
~Favorite Word: “Love” and “Peace”
~Favorite Season: Summer and winter! I can’t pick between them.
~Favorite Food: Asian pears, kalbi kuk bap, sushi
~Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
~Favorite Song: Lately Uwaki na Honey Pie and GET UP! Rapper
~Charm Point: My eyes, I guess?