~Name: Erika Umeda
~Age: 18
~Groups: °C-ute, Hello! Project Kids, ZYX and H.P. All Stars
~Birthday: May 24 (Birth Year: 1991)
~Nickname: Ume-san, Ume-chan, Umeri-chan
~Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
~Blood Type: A
~Height: 170 cm (5′7″)
~Pets: RAMU-chan, MUU-chan, RUNA-chan
~Hobby: Collecting stickers
~Special Skill: Cooking
~Favorite Color: Pink, yellow, white, light blue, orange
~Favorite Flower: Tulip, hibiscus, rose
~Favorite Season: Winter, summer
~Favorite Subject: Music
~Favorite Song: “White Love” (SPEED), “LOVE Machine” (Morning Musume)
~Favorite Book: “TV Pia”
~Favorite Movie: “Tonari no Totoro,” “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi”
~Favorite Brand/Designer: CECIL McBEE, JSG
~Favorite Word: “Mirai” (future)
~Favorite Food: Edamame, beef jerky, pizza, ice-cream, cake, melon, soramame, chocolate, senbei, cookies, yakiniku
~Least Favorite Food: Meat, bitter melon
~Habit: Spreading my legs because I’m always wearing pants
~Charm Point: “a row of 3 moles on the right of my cheek”
~Strong Point: “”I have a lot of energy”
~Weak Point: Short Tempered
~Scared of: Dad, bugs, monsters
~Disliked Thing/Thing to do: Studying, exercise