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Morning Musume (モーニング娘。, Mōningu Musume.) is a Japanese girl group, whose act generally revolves around singing and dancing to upbeat melodies. Sometimes referred to as Momusu (モー娘。, Mōmusu.), they are the lead group of Hello! Project, which is masterminded by Naoki Yamazaki and managed by producer Tsunku, who composes nearly all the lyrics and melodies of their songs. Currently, they hold the record of having the highest overall single sales (of a female group) on the Oricon charts.

Musume (娘), in this context, means girl. The group is known for ever fluctuating line-up, with “graduations” and auditions held nearly every year. 2008 was the only year so far when no changes in the line-up occurred. Over the years, the group produced several splinter groups, and often worked with other Hello! Project acts, including Country Musume, Berryz Kobo, Melon Kinenbi, and v-u-den.

Since their expansion into the Chinese market in 2007, the group officially adopted the name Jou An Sao Nu Jou (Zǎo Ān Shào Nǚ Zǔ, Traditional Chinese:早安少女組, meaning, “good morning girl’s group”).

Ai Takahashi
Risa Niigaki
Eri Kamei
Sayumi Michishige
Reina Tanaka
Aika Mitsui

Former members
Koharu Kusumi
Miki Fujimoto
Hitomi Yoshizawa
Makoto Ogawa
Asami Konno
Mari Yaguchi
Rika Ishikawa
Kaori Iida
Ai Kago
Nozomi Tsuji
Natsumi Abe
Kei Yasuda
Maki Goto
Yuko Nakazawa
Sayaka Ichii
Aya Ishiguro
Asuka Fukuda