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01.One Way = My Way
02.Our Songs
03.Minna Daisuki
04.Cafe Buono!
MC2 寸劇
05.紅茶の美味しい店 (Koucha no Oishii Mise)
06.うらはら (Ura Hara)
08.ガチンコでいこう! (Gachinko de Ikou!)
09.マイラブ (My Love)
VTR モニタにメンバー ボーノステーションというコーナー(桃子まわしのラジオ風) – VTR Buono! Station
モニター終わり (VTR ends)

生バンド登場 (Dolce Band appears)
10.We are Buono!~Buono! Theme
11.ロッタラ ロッタラ (Rottara Rottara – Band version)
12.Independent Girl~独立女子であるために (Independent Girl~Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni)
13.カタオモイ。 (Kataomoi)
MC4 Dolceメンバー紹介 (Dolce member introduction)
14. Bravo * Bravo
15.ロックの神様 (Rock no Kamisama)
16. 泣き虫少年 (Nakimushi Shounen)
MC5 costume change
17.れでぃぱんさあ (Lady Panther)
18.ワープ (Warp)
19..恋愛ライダー (Renai Rider)

MC メンバーあいさつ (Members outro)
21.旅立ちのうた (Tabidachi no Uta)
Source: Amped-Echoz @ H!O

The setlist for Buono’s Live Tour 2010 ~We Are Buono!~ has been released

The live tour has the following dates: 2/11 in Zepp Nagoya, 2/20 and 2/21 in Zepp Tokyo, and 2/28 in Nanba Hatch.

Official H!P Site For Buono’s Live Tour 2010

EDIT: According to xNiigakiRisax at H!O Buono didn’t perform Kokoro no Tamago but instead performed Minna Daisuki.


Berryz Koubou’s 2010 Summer Concert has been revealed to be titled ~Umi no Ie Otakebi House~.

There only seems to be 6 concert dates this time around. So maybe there will be something that is happening that they can’t do many days.

The concert tour starts in May:
5/1 – Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo) – 15:00 & 18:30
5/2 – Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo) – 14:00 & 17:30
5/8 – Kawaguchi Lilia Main Hall (Saitama) – 15:00 & 18:30
5/15 – Hachioji Shimin Kaikan (Tokyo) – 15:00 & 18:30
5/22 – Nagoya-shi Kokaidou Great Hall (Aichi) – 13:00 & 16:30
5/23 – Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo) 15:00 & 18:30

Official H!P Page For Berryz Koubou’s Summer 2010 Concert Tour

The DVD for C-ute’s Concert Tour 2009 ~Cutie JUMP!~ has been announced on E-hon’s site (this is Umeda Erika’s graduation concert DVD and last appearance). Here is the setlist:

1. Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu
2. Ookina Ai de Motenashite
3. Massara Blue Jeans
Opening VTR (BGM : Akogare My Star)
4. Everyday Zekkouchou!!
MC – Member introduction
5. Homerare Nobiko no Theme Song
6. Bye Bye Bye!
7. Time Capsule (Umeda, Nakajima)
8. C-utie Girls Skit (Airi, Chisato, Maimai) – 500ml watering point
C-utie Medley :
9. Wakkyanai (Z) (Airi, Chisato, Maimai)
10. Soku Dakishimete (Umeda, Yajima, Nakajima)
11. Edo no Temari Uta II
12. Yes! Shiawase
13. Wakkyanai (Z)
C-utie Medley End
14. Lalala Shiawase no Uta
MC – Umeda, Nakajima
14. Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu (Suzuki Airi)
15. Otome cocoro (Chisato, Maimai)
16. Meguru Koi no Kisetsu
17. Ai wa Katsu (Yajima)

18. Skit : maid outfits, Tap, Tongue Twisters (Umeda, Chisato, Maimai) –> (everyone joins in maid outfits) Mop Juggling –> Tap and Stomp

寸劇 メイド服でタップしながら早口言葉 (梅田岡井萩原)→(全員メイド服で合流)モップでジャグリングみたいなの→タップとストンプ

20. Thats The POWER + Tap and Stomp
21. Namida no Iro
22. Forever Love
23. JUMP
24. Seishun Song
25. SHINES (Towels)

26. Sakura Chirari
27. Tokkaiko Junjou

It’s great that we finally have a date for Erika’s graduation concert DVD, although it will be sad knowing that this is her last concert. The setlist for the concert has a great amount of songs and for the most part is a great goodbye to Erika (the graduation ceremony on the other hand not that much).

The cover will most likely be released soon so hopefully it turns out great and we get to see Erika clearly among the other members.

The release date is set for 1/27.

E-Hon Page For C-ute Concert Tour 2009 ~Cutie JUMP!~ DVD

Mano Erina and S/mileages 2010 joint Spring concert name has been announced. The name is going to be:
Special Joint 2010 Haru ~Kansha Mankai! Mano Erina 2 Shuunen Totsunyuu & S/mileage Major Debut e Sakura Sake! Live~
(English: “~Full of gratitude! Mano Erina 2 years of activity & S/mileage major debut when the cherry blossom trees bloom! Live~”, source: Nouciel @ H!O).

By then Mano Erina would have had 6 maybe 7 singles and S/mileage would have had 5/6 (Hopefully!) So there will be alot of songs but I hope that they perform some songs fro other artists like Buono, Guardians 4, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou.

The spring tour starts (according to the official H!P site, the link is at the bottom) on 4/3.

Official H!P Page For Mano Erina and S/mileage’s Joint Concert

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